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Version 1.1 coming

Release: ETA Summer 2010 Goal: provide a workable (turn-key) TM backend for SMB environment Targets - maintain signature of current API functions - extend API - user management - improve performance (matches < 1 second) - improve installation proceedure - scripted installation - provide default roles and users - improve documentation - provide basic postgres tuning guidelines - provide basic guide lines for managing users and roles Caveats - Bias - translation for software environments - testing will be done with Virtaal client (others are available )

Posted by LongStone 2010-06-11

Common Sense Advisory on TinyTM



Common Sense Advisory, the leading market research company in the translation space writes on TinyTM:

> "[...] From a feature/function perspective, this
> CAT tool should meet the needs of many
> translators.
> From a GNU GPL licensing perspective, it will
> hit the low- or no-cost price point that is
> required for broadening the use of TM among
> translators. We’ll write more about TinyTM in
> an upcoming Quick Take on translation memory.... read more

Posted by Frank Bergmann 2008-06-13

MetaTexis for TinyTM Released

Barcelona, June 5th: MetaTexis (http://www.metatexis.com/) is a commercial (closed-source) translation memory vendor. MetaTexis has just release a variant of its MS-Word client with support for the TinyTM server. This way, users with the TinyTM open-source client and users with the MetaTexis closed-source client can connect to the same server and work together.

The TinyTM team believes that this release is an important step for TinyTM. Many organizations such as large companies or international organizations don't care too much about the price. Instead, they are looking for a product supporting an open standard with high usability and professional support. ... read more

Posted by Frank Bergmann 2008-06-05

TinyTM V0.1 Released - Available for Download


This is the very first release of TinyTM. Version V0.1 is now available from download at http://sourceforge.net/projects/tinytm/ -> Download.

Scope of Version V0.1:

V0.1 is a "developer version" targeted towards users with certain database and system administration skills. For details please see the TinyTM homepage at http://tinytm.sourceforge.net/.

About TinyTM:

TinyTM is a small but powerful open-source translation memory (TM). It features a client-server architecture, fuzzy matching and both single-user and multi-user (networked or over the Internet) operations. ... read more

Posted by Frank Bergmann 2008-06-05

Announcing the TinyTM Translation Memory


TinyTM is a minimalistic yet powerful translation memory (TM) as open-source software. It features a number of features such as a client for MS-Word, fuzzy matching and both local and network operations.

The code base version of TinyTM currently consists of only 1000 lines of code. We believe that the limited complexity should encourage many developers to customize TinyTM to their needs and to develop their own open-source TM solutions.... read more

Posted by Frank Bergmann 2008-02-26