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TinyScheme 1.41 has been released

TinyScheme 1.41 was released today almost fifteen months after the 1.40 release.

This release contains fixes for seven bugs, seven R5RS compatibility changes, and a number of other miscellaneous changes. See the CHANGES file, or the Subversion log, for more details.

Posted by Kevin Cozens 2013-04-14

TinyScheme 1.40 has been released

TinyScheme 1.40 was released today almost exactly three years after the 1.39 release. It contains a lot of changes and bug fixes that had accumulated since the previous release. See the CHANGES file for more details.

Posted by Kevin Cozens 2011-01-18

A new project administrator has been added

Kevin Cozens has been added as a project administrator for TinyScheme effective December 31, 2010. Kevin's use of TinyScheme has been centered around his use of it as part of the Script-Fu plug-in of GIMP.

Posted by Kevin Cozens 2011-01-13

New admin for TinyScheme

Jonathan Shapiro has been added as a TinyScheme project administrator.

Posted by Jonathan S. Shapiro 2006-04-20