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Next generation graphics library released!

The successor to OpenPTC and TinyPTC has just been released:

See http://www.pixeltoaster.com

Please join in on the discussion at http://www.pixeltoaster.com/forum

cheers all

Posted by Glenn Alexander Fiedler 2004-12-30

Released files for DOS, Windows and Java versions

Latest versions are now available direct from SourceForge, enjoy - i will be uploading the sources to CVS shortly, cheers all

Posted by Glenn Alexander Fiedler 2003-06-01

Version 0.7.1 for X11 out

Minor release, just to fix a few glitches here and there on little endian platforms.

Have fun!

Posted by Alessandro Gatti 2002-07-09

Version 0.7 for X11 out

This version adds XVideo+Mit-Shm support. Test it and report all the bugs you can find! =)

Posted by Alessandro Gatti 2002-05-17