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Tiny Marbles CMS / News: Recent posts

Website manager: new Tiny Marbles CMS 2.5

The new 'Tiny Marbles CMS' website manager is online. In the past we only provided a set of libraries like the CMS or user management modul. It was up to the developer to create the view part based on the CMS modul. With the new website manager it is now possible to start immediately. The whole website part with several schemes and a set of predefined layouts is ready to use out of the box. Only thing which has to be done is the configuration of the system, upload some images as 'main image' or 'background image' and start to create the content.

Posted by Dietmar Temps 2011-05-29

New CMS based on Tiny Marbles !

A new CMS based on Tiny Marbles is available. It provides category and article management with version control and a powerful image library.

Posted by Dietmar Temps 2007-11-24

Final versions of Tiny Marbles 1.0 and MUM 1.0 available

Now you can download the final versions of Tiny Marbles 1.0 and MUM 1.0. Read our blog and the documentation to get more information about the new versions ...

Posted by Dietmar Temps 2007-07-27

Finally: MUM 1.0 RC1 is there ...

The good news: MUM 1.0 is stable now and ready for production. It uses Tiny Marbles 1.0 RC2 and Talos 2 for authorisation. We are already using MUM 1.0 for several client projects. Hopefully we will find some bugs to deliver the final release very soon. But anyway, the API won’t change and is stable.

Read more in our blog: http://www.tinymarbles.org/blog

Posted by Dietmar Temps 2007-04-16

Tiny Marbles 1.0 RC2

This release has no new features. The API is stable, but we fixed some bugs.

Have fun with this new version.

Posted by Dietmar Temps 2007-04-01

Tiny Marbles 1.0rc1 is out

read more in our blog: www.tinymarbles.org/blog ...

Posted by Dietmar Temps 2007-03-16

Tiny Marbles 0.9.5

Our last beta release adds support for query sorting and a few nice improvements.

Posted by Tiago Silveira 2007-02-14

MUM beta3 is here ...

We released three beta versions of MUM since beginning of october. Beta3 is now available.

It is part of our concept. We started MUM beta1 with basic features, Beta2 was released with a better usability.

And what about Beta3? Well, the main goal we had was refactoring and some bug fixing. The main philosophy: starting small, extending very easily. While we were writing the tutorial in parallel we recognized that we should improve the basic patterns a bit and some details of the architecture. ... read more

Posted by Markus Reichel 2006-12-01

MUM beta2 available !

Here is the second beta of MUM, our user management system that’s a demo, an application and a learning tool – all at the same time.

MUM is written on Tiny Marbles. A basic authorization management is available. Therefore we used Talos, which is also availabe in sourceforge.

Read our blog to get more information: http://www.tinymarbles.org/blog

Posted by Dietmar Temps 2006-11-17

Tiny Marbles 0.9

It's already a version you can use for all your persistence needs. Don't forget to look at MUM, our example application.

Posted by Tiago Silveira 2006-10-10

Tiny Marbles 0.8

New Features:
- Filter operations that take other filters

- Add Cobertura reports to the website documentation
- Do tests for uncovered code

- Refactor conversation lookup
- Create a better name to PersistentObject interface.
- Use Optimistic Locking in PValues
- Consolidate exception methods
- Add code coverage tests to our code
- New site layout http://www.tinymarbles.org

Posted by Dietmar Temps 2006-07-06

Release 0.7

We enhanced the query filter. Now you can use "like" and "ilike" (case insensitive like) for strings.

You can also test the size of collections with the Filter.sizeXX() restrictions.

We also added some syntax sugar to the models. In addition to the method PType.putAttribute(name, valueClass), which returns a PAttribute, you can also use PType.put(name, valueClass), which returns self, and chain calls:... read more

Posted by Tiago Silveira 2006-06-16

Tiny Marbles 0.6

Some new features and improved robustness make this release a great oportunity to try out Marbles.

Posted by Tiago Silveira 2006-06-02