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Tiny8051 0.6.1 released!

Installation process was enhanced to automatically install run-time libraries if the\'re missing. This allow Tiny8051 to run on every Windows with .NET Framework installed.

Posted by Michał Cichoń 2012-09-11

Tiny8051 0.5 released!

This release includes new MCU-51 implementation which follows specification more strict than previous one. There are improvements in interrupt handling code, timers and in some of instructions. Instruction execution speed is noticeable. Please enjoy it as much as I enjoyed coding this software.

Posted by Michał Cichoń 2010-03-03

New release of Tiny8051

Changes in 0.3:
- FIX: ETx flags are not automatically set (ID:2583084)

Posted by Michał Cichoń 2009-02-19


A few days ago Tiny 8051 were tested by Softpedia and got a certificate. More details on project web page.

Posted by Michał Cichoń 2009-02-04

Tiny8051 maintenance release.

This version includes new installer, and fixes of bugs found since initial release.


Posted by Michał Cichoń 2009-01-23

New WebSite

Today project got a new web site. Please enjoy it.

Posted by Michał Cichoń 2008-09-11

Initial release of Tiny8051

Today I share with you an initial release of my 8051 microcontroller simulator.

Due to lack of time documentation included in installation file is in polish. Hopefuly it will be translated into an english soon.

Posted by Michał Cichoń 2008-09-06