Problem in a compilation of a program

  • fcoppi201075

    In first I must apologize for my english.

    I've just installed tinyCobol , but the first program I attempt to compile , generate this message

    /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lhtcobol
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

    Have I forgot some dependency?

    • David Essex
      David Essex

      The reason for this error is that the link loader can't find the run-time library.

      On UN*X (Linux) the configure default install directory prefix is '/usr/local'. Thus the run-time library is installed in the '/usr/local/lib' directory which may not be included in the link loader search path.
      Use the 'ldconf' command to display and update the link loader search path.

      On MinGW (Win32) the link loader search path is the same as the binary search path (PATH).
      Use the 'SET PATH ...' on the command prompt, or add the path using the GUI prefrences (XP/W2K).