Tinn-R released

Dear user,
We think this version is stable and ready for use. If some bug was found, please, tell us. (Jan/30/2014)

  • Bug(s) fixed:

    • Advanced options of the editor:
      Options/Application/Editor/Advanced/Want tabs. Now when
      tabbing (if there is a selection) \<TAB> and \<SHIFT>\<TAB>
      act really as block indent, unindent. It works only inside of
      the more important instances of SynEdit class: Editor and
      Rterm/Log.\ Within Rterm/IO \<TAB> has another function: to complete.
  • Some options of the interface Options/Application/Editor/Advanced
    are now more understandable. Thanks to Berry Boessenkool for the

  • The menu Help has a new option: What is new?

Tinn-R Team

Posted by jcfaria 2014-01-30
  • jcfaria

    Tinn-R released