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Tinn-R released

Dear user,
We think this version is stable and ready for use. If some bug was found, please, tell us. (Jan/22/2014)

  • Bug(s) fixed:
    • R highlighter: quote argument of read.table function.
    • Pop-up menu of Tools/R/Mirrors.
  • TinnRcom package was upgraded to version (1.0-15). The package will be automatically updated.
  • Tools/R/Mirrors:
    • It has a new status bar showing the default repository
    • It has a new button on the tool bar which enables the opening of the URL: current and default.
  • The Print preview interface was a bit enhanced.
  • Some icons of the Main interface and Tools panel were changed.
  • From now SumatraPDF will be the default viewer of the Tinn-R User guide. If Sumatra is the default system PDF viewer it will be used. Otherwise, a compact version released jointly with Tinn-R (Install.path/sumatra/SumatraPDF.exe) will be used.

Tinn-R team

Posted by jcfaria 2014-01-22
  • jcfaria

    Tinn-R released