Tinn-R released

Dear user,
We think this version is stable and ready for use. If some bug was found, please, tell us. (Mai/08/2013)

  • Bug(s) fixed:
    • A bug related to the Copy buttom of Tools/Database (Rtip and Completion) was fixed.
    • A bug related to the R send: line (with empty files) was fixed.
  • Options/Application/R/Rterm/Options (Rterm) has a new option: Workspace image (close without ask for save). Thanks to Roland E. Joss for the sugestion.
  • Some buttons of R toolbar (print, plot, list names, list structure, edit and fix) now are enabled only if it is at least one file opened.
  • The main menu Web/R Editors/GUIs and IDEs/Tinn-R was a bit enhanced. Tinn-R project now has its own Web page.

Tinn-R team

Posted by jcfaria 2013-05-08
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    Tinn-R released

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