R term long computing

  • mlk_slrp


    I'm try to learn how to use R term.
    Today I've tried to excute a program already prepared in the past. I do it
    line by line with hotkeys and all was working fine.
    Sometimes my program has long to compute cycles.

    In the past, before install Tinn-R I had been using Rgui and the usual script
    to run programs row by row(CTRL+R).
    With Rgui during the run of these long computations there appeared a clepsydra
    and Rgui do not execute the following row of the program (even if I've already
    ordered to do so) until the previous cycle computations was concluded. After
    that was done also the following line was computed.

    With Tinn-R and R term instead, even if R Term is actually computed no
    clepsydra apprears and if I, without see that the computation are still in
    progess, execute the following line, this is overwritten to the previous.
    Is there a way to avoid this? It appens to me frequently in running long

    Thank you


  • jcfaria

    Hi Sabrina,

    The interface Rterm of Tinn-R has a number of advantages over Rgui.
    But (still) has two disadvantages:
    1. What you pointed out;
    2. Once started a process can not stop with 'CTRL + C'.

    My suggestions are two:
    1. To add a little message at the end of long process, for example, print ('End Process! ") to know which finish;
    2. Once tested (line by line) send the script through one of the options: file, block, selection, etc.. In this case R will manage the processing sequence.