code sent from TinnR not exectued in RGui


  • Anonymous

    I just installed TinnR and R 2.14.1 on 64bit Win7 and have this weird
    problem that I can send selections or lines from TinnR to Rgui using hotkey,
    but no matter I send a line or select a line and then send, the cursor in the
    RGui will stop at the end of the code without actually execute it. I have to
    manually go to the Rgui and hit the ENTER key to run the code. Also if I
    select multiple lines and send selection, there will be a line looks like
    source(.trPaths, echo=TRUE, max.deparse.length=150) in Rgui without being
    executed. There all happen only when I use hotkeys, if I use menu then there
    is no problem the code will be sent and executed. Anybody have an idea?