#67 ini file bug at startup

Scott Blackwell

in the last two weeks I have gotten the message "Serious problem reading ini files! Tinn-R cannot be initiated. Please try to rename (or remove) the folder above and restart the program. If this procedure not solve the problem contact the developers" The folder is the Documents and Settings Tinn-R folder. This does not fix the problem. Sometimes the program will start after multiple tries. Any ideas? I really like and regularly use Tinn-R.


I attach an image of the error box.


  • error message box

  • jcfaria

    Please, what version of Tinn-R and operational system are you using?


  • Using Tinn-R now. Previously and, My OS is Windows XP SP3 with all current patches. Sometimes deleting or changing a file will allow a restart, sometimes not. I am at a loss for any explanation. By the way it is not the firewall -- I checked that.

  • jcfaria

    It is really strange and the first time I hear!

    If the folder where Tinn-R stores all the configuration files (.ini, .xml, etc) is removed (when Tinn-R is not running), after the restart a new and fresh (folder, sub-folders, files, etc) is created newly.

    I have a doubt, do you change any default from Tools interface?
    Tomorrow, when making tests, I received this error message when the Txt2tags interface was set as not visible in this interface. When starting I received this message also.


  • I tried resetting the help selection to html and that seems to suppress the error condition. I think the program is now starting reliably, although I don't know why.

  • Hi all,
    if that may help, i'm experiencing the very same problem but on different OS.
    I've a couple of installations both Tinn-R and R 2.10.0 one on XP Pro Sp3 which is working like a charm, i've never been able to crash it.
    The other one is on Vista Business Sp1 where i'm seeing the same problem as Scott.
    (i have UAC disabled).

    Very often i need to restart three, four times before being able to run it.
    I tried more than once to cleanup and reinstall both of Tinn-R and R itself and to clean the ini folder as adviced but this doesn't help.
    Also, at least in my case, it doesn't look to be related to any configuration change as this happens exactly equal both after a default installation and after the configuration customization.

    This never happened with Tinn-R and R 2.9.2.

    Perhaps if there is a way to force Tinn-R to write the ini log in a file that could help to understand what's going on. When it doesn't start the log is not visible and we have no means to help you debug the problems.

    Regards , Gabriele

  • Oops! The bug/failure is back with no apparent changes in the options. Any ideas, anyone?

    I really like Tinn-R and this is making it difficult to use.


  • Hi all,
    i think i found the cause of this problem, well at least in my case.

    It was the update of AVG antivirus free from 8.5 to 9.0. Looking in the AVG free site forums you'll find plenty of horror stories about 9.0. It seems that the builds previous to the last available were badly broken. (also the last still has problems but if you don't install the link scanner, the rest looks to be working)
    After upgrading, the initial performance scan crashed and didn't complete leaving the antivirus in a state such that it was interfering with almost all the system causing a major slowdown and many other problems.
    Among the other amenities it was causing, it was blocking access to R html help on affirming it had harmful content (sic!) and was causing Tinn-R to loose contact with R gui after a few R: send executions leaving it in a state where the only exit was to wipe all the configuration directories.

    After following instruction in http://forums.avg.com/ww-en/avg-free-forum?sec=thread&act=show&id=24401#post_24401 and reinstalling the last AVG build, the system is now again stable and the problem didn't show again since then.

    In the XP system where the editor is working correctly i have another antivirus.

    I hope this may help you.

    Regards, Gabriele

  • Sorry, it was me in the last post.
    I just forgot to login first.


  • Unfortunately, I suspect my problem is not AVG. I am running AVG 9.0.707 which is the latest on AVG site. I don't seem to have any obvious problems related to AVG. The Tinn-R ini files are actually not missing or changed that I can tell and the html help works fine. I just still have the problem with starting the program up. Any other ideas?

  • Sorry, no Scott.
    What i saw is that each time Tinn-R is started the ini files are rewritten and i saved and compared many times the ini files after correct startup and after failed startup and they were always identical. So i never saw any obvious corruption in them.
    So my conclusion was that there should have been something else interfering with ini files read/write process.

    The problem was happening me steady on average once every two starts, but after reinstalling AVG (about five days ago) it didn't happened again.

    Perhaps the problem is still lurking in the dark waiting to bite me again, but up to now i tried many times to start and stop 20 or more times in a row without a glitch. And also disappeared, as i said, the other problem i was collecting info about of Tinn-R loosing contact with Rgui after R:send.

    Perhaps your is a different beast, but after having red in AVG forums of people seeing the most strange things happening in their PC's after 9.0 upgrade, i would suggest you that before leaving the AVG trail you should check better its installation status and operations.

    Other than this only the developer can say.

    My best regards, Gabriele

  • goodwinsf

    I am also getting the same error with Tinn-R The symptom is the same. About 50% of the time when I start Tinn-R I receive the error pop up and Tinn_R fails to start:

    Serious problem reading ini files!
    Tinn-R can not be initiated.

    Please, try to rename (or remove) the folder and restart the program!
    If this procedure does not solve the problem, contact the developers.

    There is not obvious occurrence pattern. It can fail with this error 3 times in a row, then 3 seconds later when I retry, it successfully starts. It feels like (no real data on this though) there is some “time out” (on the order of ms) that is occurring during startup. Here is an example of 16 consecutive startup attempts in about 60 seconds (F=Fail, P=Pass):

    FFFFPPPFFPFPPPPF (8 successful starts, 8 failed starts, 50% fail rate)

    System details:
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
    Virus: AVG 9.0.707
    R: 2.10
    Software: Visual studio 2010, MS Office 2007…
    Hardware: Intel Quad Core, 2.67 GHz, 4GB Ram, NVIDIA 9400 integrated graphics

    What I have tried (in rough order):

    1. Following the error instructions and removing the “C:\Users\Randall\Appdata\Roaming\Tinn-R” folder

    2. Running Tinn-R as administrator and/or in XP SP3 compatibility mode (all combos)

    3. Giving “everyone” full control over the directory “… Roaming\Tinn-R” (Properties>Security>Edit)

    4. Adding the “…Roaming\Tinn-R” directory to AVG’s Resident Shield “directory excludes” and adding the Tinn-R .exe to the Resident Shield “excluded files”

    5. Uninstalling Tinn-R (via control panel and uninstall utility), manually cleaning registry of all Tinn-R settings, reinstalling.

    6. Completely turning off AVG’s “Resident Shield” (double click, deselect “Resident Shield Active” )

    7. All of above.

    I have not tried a full AVG uninstall, since I would think adding the exceptions and “turning off” the protection would have the same effect.

    Any other suggestions are welcomed. I will repost if I find a silver bullet, but so far I have tried allt he tricks I can think off. I may try installing instead (I have it on another Windows 7 PC and for now, that appears to be working fine).

  • jcfaria


    FFFFPPPFFPFPPPPF (8 successful starts, 8 failed starts, 50% fail rate)

    System details:
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
    Virus: AVG 9.0.707
    R: 2.10

    The above is really very very strange!
    I´m still using Windows Vista Ultimate. But, under W7 (beta) I did not have any problem running Tinn-R and R. I was using Kaspersky as anti-virus under W7.

    You can use full Kaspersky for 30 days with no costs.
    It is my suggestion to be sure that the problem is not related with AVG.


  • Tim Handley
    Tim Handley

    Well, I don't see any recent posts on this topic, but I have a similar problem. I just installed the newest versions of R (2.11.1) and Tinn-R (, and Tinn-R crashes on startup. It asks me for a location to save a backup (why?), reports that it has successfully saved a backup, then gives me two errors. 1) "cdRCard: Missing data provider or data packet" 2) "serious problem reading ini files ...". I've tried renaming the directory, as it suggests, and tried starting the app multiple times, but with zero success. FYI, I don't use AVG.

  • Clueless

    Hi All, this exact same happened to me this morning unfortunately. I did not have AVG installed on my laptop so I doubt whether it has got anything to do with AVG. I've been using Tinn-R and R all day yesterday, writing code and downloading packages. I was trying to sort out an error message I was receiving while trying to run a model on my data. So, I went and downloaded all kinds of packages that might improve R's calculations. And as you know, some packages automatically downloads other packages that it needs to be able to run. Anyhow, since there is a warning on the www.r-project.org webpage that they cannot guarantee virus-free downloads of any software, I suppose something bad must have hitched a ride when I was downloading all these packages. Or it must be one of the packages I've installed and loaded that changed Tinn-R's configuration. Unfortunately I have not succeeded in getting Tinn-R to start up yet this hole day, so my start-up success rate is 0%. The folder that I am suppose to delete also does not exist, nothing like it.
    Here is the names of the packages I've downloaded yesterday from the cran mirror
    http://cran.ru.ac.za/ - accuracy, sandwich, car, VGAM, flexmix, modeltools, multcomp, geepack, lme4, optimbase, optimsimplex, quadprog, numDeriv, Rcpp, BB, ucminf, Rcgmin, Rvmmin, minqa, setRNG, optimx

    This is a very frustrating situation and I can't go on with my data analysis until I sort this out, unless I switch to a different text editor which is going to take the same amount of effort and time, if not more.

    Hope this get sorted,

  • Hilmar Berger
    Hilmar Berger

    I had the same problems with TinnR-

    Solution was to cleanup the registry, in particular HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/R-Core/R.
    In this registry entry I found the remainders of an old R installation. After removing that and keeping only the entries related to the latest R installation everything worked fine and the error disappeared.

  • jcfaria

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