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Tin Can Jukebox / News: Recent posts

TinCanJukebox 2011-12-18 Maintenance Release

A few tweaks, a few fixes and a few enhancements... we added mp4/m4a/aac support (requires faad & lame), fixed the wikipedia link searches for albums and artists and banged the wrench on the engine a few times. Enjoy!

Posted by John Mund 2011-12-19

New Tin Can Jukebox Release 20110102!

Many excellent improvements, bug fixes and backwards compatibility tweaks (mysql 4.1+) courtesy of a new contributor, Alain. Many thanks for his work!
-Updated default preferences to more general case uses
-Added DB support for allowed music extension
-Added a new browse by 'all' option in album, artist and genre browse modes.
-Improved the import logic to handle multiple albums in a single folder
-Tweaked SQL to allow for mysql 4.1+ compatibility
-Improved the update catalogs function to include catalogs with inserted/deleted files
-Added the orphaned file (deletions) update logic to the periodic table optimization logic.
-Several bug fixes, typo corrections and layout improvements.... read more

Posted by John Mund 2011-01-03

New TinCanJukebox Release 20100224 with Skins

Skins! We've finally added proper skinning support to tcj. All you artistic types, please show us how to properly design a site :) See the howto for details. We'll include any decent submissions in future releases. Also in this release; PLS playlist support, the most excellent JWPlayer (non-commercial only) with visuals, improved logging and art import logic. Enjoy!

Posted by John Mund 2010-02-25

Format support release of Tin Can Jukebox.

We have completely re-architected the streaming logic to make down-sampling more robust and to en-able transmorgification of other file formats (flac & ogg to start). You can now play flac and ogg natively, or have TCJ transmorgify them to mp3 on the fly, downsampling as needed to fit your bandwidth limitations and to be playable on all players. Enjoy!

Posted by John Mund 2009-11-09

20090923 Now Available

Several minor interface adjustments, links to the good people at wikipedia for their excellent artist and album info, and some memory management tweaks during the import routine to the ID3 interface (tag importer) and to the album art logic handling large cover art files (still in progress :)

Posted by John Mund 2009-09-24

Summer's almost done, new coding has begun! TCJ 20090817

Google may have the 'summer of code', but we practice the summer of sun. and beer. and bbqs. and, well, anything outside. Which means development work has been slightly slower than a sloth, but much faster than a drunken three legged monkey. Here's a release to grease the wheels (of the computer chair) and lube the brain with something other than alcohol. It's actually important, because among some minor enhancements there's a fix for a security hole found by a white capped script junkie.
While we've been slow, the request list continues to grow, so rest assured that more features are on the way, with a slight delay (as summer hasn't completely gone away :)

Posted by John Mund 2009-08-18

Tin Can Jukebox 20090430 Release now available

This latest release of Tin Can Jukebox includes many stability and layout enhancements, an initial French translation plus several new skinned versions of the excellent xspf_jukebox flash player which can be embedded in the web page or in a popup. Enjoy :)

Posted by John Mund 2009-05-01

Tin Can Jukebox Release 20090330

Speed and automation. This release of Tin Can Jukebox is all about performance and ease of administration. The image logic was rewritten, phase 2 of the album art caching was implemented and auto-update logic for the music catalog, caches, log-rotate and db table maintenance was added. Download today to browse and play your music anywhere on the net.

Posted by John Mund 2009-04-01

TinCanJukebox version 20090315 ready for download

This was a 'feature request' release of TinCanJukebox which added several items asked for by users. Album art toggle and caching support, auto detection of site address and alternate port, and multi partial word searching with ordered results. Download today to listen to your music anywhere on the net.

Posted by John Mund 2009-03-15

New TinCanJukebox Release 20090304 Ready For Download

This release of the TinCanJukebox music streaming server includes several user requested updates like an embedded flash player, auto-login (no security), random artist browsing and more. Download now to take your music with you anywhere on the net.

Posted by John Mund 2009-03-05

Release 20090219 now available.

This release adds several new features (browse newly added albums, user privileges, download playlists, playlist details...) as well as some important bug fixes. Download it now to get the latest updates.

Posted by John Mund 2009-02-20

Tin Can Jukebox Version 20090202 now available

This is the 2nd release for Tin Can Jukebox, a very fast, full featured php/mysql web jukebox that can securely stream large mp3 collections over the internet to multiple users.
There are a few bug fixes, a new Site Statistics page, plus some major enhancements in the DB Update Utility among other things. Try out the demo (http://www.tincanjukebox.com/demo), then download (http://www.tincanjukebox.com/download.html) your own copy to stream your music anywhere on the net.

Posted by John Mund 2009-02-03

Demo Available!

You can try out a demo before installing at http://tincanjukebox.com/demo This is a limited functionality demo, but shows how fast browsing a 100 gig music catalog is (even on sourceforge's shared server).


(Note; if the DB doesn't connect to the servers on the first try, just hit refresh)

Posted by John Mund 2009-01-24

First Release!

The first release of TinCanJukebox is ready to download. It's a first release, but mostly feature complete. You can try out a demo before installing at http://tincanjukebox.com/demo This is a limited functionality demo, but shows how fast browsing a 100 gig music catalog is (even on sourceforge's shared server).

Posted by John Mund 2009-01-24

Coming Soon...

All project files, screenshots and hopefully a working demo are coming soon.

Posted by John Mund 2009-01-21