Cant find timidity.cfg

  • I have just installed timidity 2.13.2 on WINDOWS/cygwin but when the program runs I get the following message:

    timidity: Can't read any configuration file.

    I note the same problem has been reported on Mac OS X at and and udated installer made available. Has the same been done for cygwin?

    • You have to type/make your own timidity.cfg and put it in the same directory of the timidity exe. This cfg file contain something like

      bank 1
      1 %font fontfile 0 1 

      1 is the channel number of the midi file (ranging from 1-128)

      "font file" is the name of sf2 file or pat file (for pat file d not type the extension) and 

      0 and 1 is the bank and program number inside the sf2 font (pat file do not need these two number I think)