Midi to wave with no extra effects

  • What is the most exact way to produce a wav file that sounds the same as the midi file?

    The reason for the question is as follows.
    Timidity by default seems to add certain effects, and those effects need to be turned off, correct?

    Does this seem like a correct way to create an "as is" wave file, while at the same time reproducing any midi effects based IN the midi file itself (reverb, echo, attack, etc.).

    # for window$ (-Ow1S).
    # this should all be on one line, no wrapping.
    -EFreverb=0 -EFchorus=0 -a -Ew -Ep -Ev -Es -Eo -Ow1S -s 44100 -p 256 -U input.mid -o output.wav

    • There is NO WAY to produce a original MIDI, because MIDI is a kind of "description". For example, the MIDI file say it have 2 channel, 1 is piano, 2 is drum. You can't create sound without a instrument, that's point, what kind of instrument you can provide will have a different quality of the MIDI.

      When you got the instrument, then you can set the effect such as reverb, echo, but usually most of the MIDI was very simple and don't have that kind of information.

      Johnson Lam.