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#77 Integration with Bugzilla


Is it possible to create a bugzilla integration? We are currently using Bugzilla to track issues. It would be great if TimeSlotTracker could be integrated, so that the time spent on issues is reported as part of Bugzilla.
I thought about creating my own java application, but would waste a lot of time trying to mimic the features in TimeSlotTracker. And since I'm a newbie, it would take considerable time.
I thought the best would be to extend the Bugzilla database with a new table containing the timeslotinformation. It should be able to work offline, then synchronize the data when it the Bugzilla database becomes on-line again. As such, users would be able to work at off-line.
Also, the TimeSlotTracker should only display issues related to the user login.

If you think this might be a great extension, but would like to brainstorm a little further, do not hesitate to contact me.


  • glazachev

    Good day, BlueFlash.

    I do not use bugzilla from 2.x version. Now bugzilla can track the work time?
    If so, tst can update it via xml-rpc.
    If no, you can use new attribute = "Bugzilla issue key" for tasks. And then make report for them.

    I use only JIRA for now, and support it. I do not know bugzilla so well.
    If you can spend some time for implementing bugzilla extension for tst it will be great. I can help you to do this.