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Evoka cero


And first, let me thank you, and congratulate you for this software.

I want to suggest / ask for a feature that allows the user to set a reminder every X (days, weeks, months), to a task. So that the TimeSlotTracker could let the user know that the period established since the last timeslot its due, and if more time goes by (without adding a new timeslot), that it has been Y (days, weeks, months), of delay.

I have worked on my own, on a similar tool, based on MS Access (that's all I know haha), but it has a limited hierarchy. I'm am willing to send it to you if you want to.


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    Hello Evoka,

    Thanks for the good words - in the open source community is the most important reward, in my opinion...

    Back to your request - do you mean:
    1. remind that the timeout (for example 20 days) for specified task, counting from LAST activity to now
    2. remind EVERY 20 days, whenever you register the activity in this task (i.e. you can even register timeslot yesterday).

    I think both can be used:
    ad.1: you should check the logs at least every 5 days (no longer then 5 days, but it's ok to check it before the 5'th day).
    ad.1: you have to clean the temporary storage. If you don't clean it for sequential 10 days it becames full and you loose your job :), so you have to clean it at least every 10 days.

    ad.2: you should pay taxes every 20'th of the month
    ad.2: you have to make a report of your done tasks every monday.
    ad.2: you have to issue a new invoice for customers on the 2'nd of every month.
    regards, zgibek

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  • Evoka cero
    Evoka cero

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    Hello zgibek,

    My idea its more like number 1, for example you are trying make a routine of making exercise on the gym at least every 4 days, you set the task to remind you after 4 days of the last time you did exercise on the gym:
    -Jan 06, 45 minutes on the gym. (new time slot)
    -Jan 08, 30 minutes on the gym. (new time slot, no reminder yet)
    -Jan 12, the program shows you on a screen that you "should" do exercise on the gym (the task) today, and allow you to start a new time slot. But you don't, because you have lots of work to do.
    -Jan 13, the program shows you on a screen that you "should" do exercise on the gym (the task) today, and allow you to start a new time slot, and it also tells you that you are 1 date delayed. Today you do exercise (new time slot).

    So in this screen you can see all the tasks you have set to repeat that are due today, and the ones you are delayed, but not the ones you just did (in the example, you don't see the task before day 4). But you can still add a new time slot, and restart the countdown. They are ordered from the most delayed to the least one.

    The objective is to remind the user of tasks that he/she wants to do at least every x time, and are not due to a specific date. Its something to help you get a new habit, when the period is short, or to do things like, at least clean the bicycle 2 times a year.

    In my DB, I used: daily, 2 days, 4 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year, as the periods of time to select from.

    However I also think its a good idea to let the user set the exact day of the next remainder or/and let the program remind every x days no matter what happens in between. But I think these two options have a different objective, that is due a specific date.

    By the way, I'll would like to help the team, but I know nothing about Java, but I can offer you to work on the Spanish translation.

    regards, evoka

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    Dear Evoka,
    Thanks for your request. Your answer is enough of course and describes everything.
    Finally I think both options are usefull. Anyway - After reading your request and thinking about it I found it very nice also for myself :)
    I will remember about it, hope before the next release.

    Your help in translation into Spanish translation is welcome very much.
    You don't have to know anything about Java to do this.
    It's enough to know both English and Spanish :)
    Please look at:
    This is the document which describes the translation process. It's very easy - you have to prepare three new files:
    1. TimeSlotTracker_es.properties
    2. ClassicLayout_es.properties
    3. ReportStrings_es.properties

    The best is to take them from cvs directly from web browser via cvs browse:
    or - if you are familiar with cvs software - just checkout sources.
    You can also get the source files from release page, as described in above document.
    You can find them at folder: resources/extra_files/
    Take an english versions (*_en.properties) as your orginals to copy into es versions.

    After completed just put them as a new patch at:

    If you have any questions or problems just ask :)
    best regards, zgibek