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  • Gerwin Brunner
    Gerwin Brunner


    is there a way to store the data in a DB and share the project information with other Users?

    • Hi Gerwin,
      Well, TST is prepared to store data in any source, not only xml. We choose xml because we wanted it to be portable.
      But it is possible to write a new implementation of interfaces in package "net.sf.timeslottracker.data":
      DataSource, Task, TimeSlot.
      For now they are implemented in the "xml" subpackage.

      We also think it can be usefull for someones to use TimeSlotTracker with jdbc-compilant database.
      So, if you are interested in it and want it please make a new future request.
      Anyway - with wich database do you want to use TST?
      best regards, zgibek