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Welcome to Help

  • Welcome to Help

    • Thanks for that great program!
      Is it possible to run two copies of programm at one time?
      We wanted to use one computer to track the time of two persons?
      We tried to lay the two copies of programm at the diffrent folders but with no results. Where the programms setting actually leave?

    • Hello,
      thanks for your nice comment.
      TimeSlotTracker keeps his settings in the user's home directory (/home/user in unix) and (C:\Documents and settings\user in windows).
      I didn't think about that use, but it's very interesting.
      I will prepare a future request for your ask and add it to the nearest release.
      For now you can run it by specifing property "user.home", eg:
      java -Duser.home=. -jar tst.jar
      (where "." is your current directory). When you want to specify another directory just type:
      java -Duser.home=path_to_directory -jar tst.jar
      Then, in the specified directory a timeslottracker.properties file woluld be located. You can modify it by hand (when the application is not loaded) or use the configuration menu to specify the path to data.
      Hope this helps for now, and I will put a better solution in the next release.
      regards, zgibek

      • Thank you! That work!

    • You are welcome :)
      Your request is stored under RFE id #1232671 if you want to monitor it :).
      I think the next release it will contain the possibility you wrote about.
      regards, zgibek