Timeslot Tracker 4 Mac

  • Skeeve


    I don't know yet, whether or not I like Timeslot Tracker. We have to track our times from next year on and a colleague found your tool and decided that it's the optimum for us.

    Since I use a Mac, I changed toe BATch file I received to an AppleScript to easily start Timeslot Tracker. I uploaded it under Patches.

    I'm missing a means to tell Timeslot Tracker where to store it's properties so I change the Homedirectory of the user to an approprieate directory to store properties in. Unfortunately your reports will then be saved there too. So if you can add something to read the properties from another directory but Home, it would be great.

    I'd also like to add something to select the look&feel. Currently, with this AppleScript, it's not possible. I will add a popup at start, but it would be better to have something in the program itself.

    Last but not least: Where is the Icon ;-) Every good program needs a nifty icon!

    • Skeeve

      Look & Feel selection done.

    • glazachev

      Hi Skeeve.

      1) About the properties path. TST has "tst.directory" environment variable.
      From javadoc:
      "If program started with this environment variable set then the data and properties file are loaded from this directory.
      Run program with
            java -Dtst.directory=path_to_directory_where_store_data -jar tst.jar"
      It helps?

      2) Are you talking about jre embedded look'n'feel's?
      Or external? (for jgoodies looks for example)