Fix TimeDoctor refresh on Linux

  • Martijn Rutten
    Martijn Rutten


    The linux release of TimeDoctor has a very slow screen refresh when moving the cursor, taking a long time to redraw the trace view and leaves a lot of gray boxes on the screen during the refresh. Also info pop-ups on the traces take very long to appear.

    I am using TimeDoctor to display linux traces on an Ubuntu 8.04 desktop with 2GB memory, java 1.6.0, timedoctor RCP linux release 1.4.2.

    Is there a fix available to make timedoctor react as snappy as the windows version? If not, what are the development plans to support linux? This would certainly make timedoctor much more appealing to the community.


    • Mahesh DC
      Mahesh DC

      Hi Martijn,

      Indeed that's an outstanding problem.

      I was able to reduce the flickering a bit, by using Canvas in place of Composite for example while drawing TraceHeader. But the problem is actually occuring because of repeated paint requests on the Sash that are present between Trace-lines and Trace headers.

      I had raised a bug on Eclipse-SWT on this.

      Nothing has happend yet on it.

      The only other option, that I see at the moment, is re-implement the cursor using! We had tried this earlier and it works well both on Linux and Windows. However, we can retain the Composite-based Cursor implementation for Baseline and Markers.

      Any other ideas ?

      I have re-opened this bug on the SF tracker.