#14 Numerous 256 color bitmap problems

Adam Courchesne

I loaded up the project Charlie.tsp in the examples
directory. Pressed Ctrl-8 to put it into 8 bit color
mode. Ctrl-U to take a quick look at the palette.
Then I opened uo the palette manager and clicked "New":
130 colors... great, less than 256. I then clicked to
"Use palette for current tile set" and also use a default.

I chose File->Save Current Tile As... (while viewing
the first tile...a 3 fingered tree piece) and chose to
save as a 8 bit BMP file. I opened the file in Paint
Shop Pro and lo and behold, the image got butchered.
Now only 4 original colors remained and the palette
looks nothing like it did in Tile Studio.

The I chose File->Export Tiles and chose a 8 bit bmp
file. I opened it up in Paint Shop Pro and it ended up
being a 24 bit image. I saving it with any combination
of bits per pixel and it still created a 24 bit image.


  • Mike Wiering
    Mike Wiering

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    Hello, at the moment, the only support for 8-bit palette mode
    in Tile Studio is within the export function. The palette entries
    can be exported and the corresponding pixels to make each
    tile. For saving bitmaps, the standard Windows functions are
    used, which make up their own palettes.