Create skin on Windows ?

  • Hi! Thanks for this great emulator.

    I wish emulate a TI-85, so I use the TI-86 skin for now. But if possible, I'd prefer a TI-85 skin :)
    I use Windows 7. Is there a compiled version of Skinedit for Windows?

    I have a clean and high resolution picture of my own TI-85. Perhaps one of developers prefer do it himself? But I don't care doing it myself if I can.

  • Speaking of TI-86 skin, I have an issue with the 0 key : it simply does nothing. I have to use my keyboard to get this number.
    The problem does not occur with other skins. Could you please fix it?

  • I have tested both of them and they work perfectly.

    But the TI-85 skin is not exactly like mine. I have a black screen border, and some other different details. So… after some hours, I have made my own. :)
    I send you it right now.