Blurry Image

  • I have been able to install TilEM and it works, but the image faceplate is blurry to the point that the functions on some of the keys are unreadable.  I tried changing the screen resolution (800x600 to 1280x1025) but that had no effect.

  • Hi "nobody" !

    Firstly, thank you for using tilem and for creating this topic.

    Quality of skin is really bad, I know.

    You can download a skin's pack here :
    Greetings to Xavier (aka "critor") for this fantastic pack (over 60 skins !)
    There are lot of skins, and many of these are really nice.
    Just replace in the pixmap folder the x2_top,x2_right,x2_left,x2_bot (by example for the TI82 skin) by the new.
    For now, TilEm not really expected to manage several skins of the same model. (you must replace each time you want to change skin)
    But the function are readable on this skins ;D

    It could be problems of placement of buttons on some skins.
    That's because they are not really centered or the keymap has evolved (like on the TI82 stats, numpad is not aligned)

    But mostly of the skins are correct.

    I hope this will solve your problem.

    Best regards.