#140 Registration page improvements

David R. Newman

I've improved the registration page and process to make
it more flexible in two ways:

1. I've made it possible to link the registration page
to a selected tracker. Then selected fields from the
tracker are added to the registration form, so that you
can ask for extra data from someone registering on a
site. This extra data is stored in the tracker. This is
rather useful when running a site for a membership
organisation (even a political party), since you can
ask for follow-up contact details at the time they
register, and keep track of your contacts with them in
the tracker.

2. I've added the ability to associate passcodes with
groups. So you can send out a promotion, telling people
to type in a particular passcode when they register.
Then when they register, they are immediately joined to
the group, with the appropriate permissions and home
page. As well as using this in promotions, it is also
useful in education, as you can tell a class to use a
particular passcode, and they all get assigned to the
right groups with the permissions for the work they are
going to do.

I've included all the modified files (starting from
Tikiwiki 1.8.3) in the attached zip archive.


  • 1.8.3 modifications to link registration to a tracker