#111 Fix for input text not showing in some themes


I posted this a few versions ago in the help forum but the
affected files haven't been changed, so I'll post it here
too. In some themes (Mose's), entered text doesn't show
in textareas. The themes are geo.css, geo-light.css,
mose.css and trollparty.css. Here's a fix: remove the
commas in the font description for general form elements
textarea. In geo.css - line 470; in geo-light.css - line
410; in mose.css - line 481; in trollparty.css - line 444.
So, for example, 'font: normal 12px fixed, courier,
monospace;' becomes 'font: normal 12px fixed courier
monospace;'. Now text entered by the user can be seen.

Also, to get the background images to show in geo.css,
the background image URL should be changed from
'background-image: url(/styles/localis/backmap.png);' to
'background-image: url(/styles/geo/backmap.png);'.

-- Gary




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    Hmm. These files aren't fixed again in 1.8rc3. It's only an extra
    comma in each file, guys ;-). Are other users fixing the css
    files themselves, using broken geo, mose, and trollparty
    themes (ie., no visible text in textareas), or avoiding these
    themes completely?

    -- Gary

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    The background fix was done by Gustavo.
    I don't know CSS but I compared with moreneat and this one
    too uses commas. Also I tested all three and text was every
    time very readable.
    Please notice if I'm missing something.

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    The problem still exists in Tiki 1.8. At tikiwiki.org, try changing
    your theme preference to geo.css, for example. Then try
    editing a wiki page. At least in my experience, you won't be
    able to see the text in the editing textarea. This is the case
    for all the themes I listed. Also, check out these images if you
    . They show examples of the problem at my family web site
    (Tiki 1.7), and an example after the fix is applied.

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    I don't get it with frebird, maybe it handles better wrong
    Text appeared black on white on mose, black on ~~yellow on geo.

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    I don't have Firebird installed, but tried with the earlier Phoenix
    browser. It doesn't show the text either. (All of these tries are
    on Windows BTW.) So it looks like Firebird is the most powerful
    browser around. ;-)

    -- Gary

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  • Adam Shantz
    Adam Shantz

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    The suggested fix can't be used because it would create
    invalid CSS. ...could it be a browser bug?


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    Maybe this is the problem: at least geo.css uses "fixed" as a
    font attribute for the textarea element. Deleting this word and
    the following comma ("monospace" and "courier" are retained
    as values) solves the problem and, I think, makes the file valid

    I don't think this is just a "browser bug". IE6 and Opera7 on
    Windows aren't exactly obscure useragents. If I can't edit my
    pages at tikiwiki.org or my own sites when I'm using those
    themes and some of the most common browsers and operating
    system, then I think there's a problem.

    Probably doing a search and delete of "fixed," in those files
    would do the job.

    -- Gary

  • Adam Shantz
    Adam Shantz

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