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The Tiki 10.0 Beta is Available for Testing

The first public beta of Tiki 10.0 is now available. The Tiki development team encourages all early-adopters to download and test this version. System administrators should remember that this is a beta, pre-release version and use caution when upgrading or integrating with a live site.

Refer to http://doc.tiki.org/Tiki10 and the Tiki 10.0 Release Notes for information about this release. You can download the Tiki 10.0 beta directly from Sourceforge.

Beta users can report issues or comments to the Tiki development team via the Developer Mailing List (http://tiki.org/Mailing+Lists) or submit a bug on the Tiki Development site (http://dev.tiki.org/Report+a+Bug).

The final release of Tiki 10.0 is planned later this year.

Posted by Rick Sapir 2012-11-20