Maybe this would be a good opportunity for jquery.sheet to move to and

It would make future upgrades trivial and make it easier to integrate in other apps.


On Sep 6, 2013 2:57 PM, "Xavier de Pedro" <> wrote:
Congratulations Robert!

Sorry I can't test it these days, but looking at the review by Marc, and visiting your website (and your documentation! :-), your work has been indeed impressive.

+1 to get this new version of sheet in trunk, which will make things way easier for many more people to test it with real data, upgrades, etc.

Cheers and nice to hear from you (I guess things have been going well with you these months).


On 05/09/13 18:33, Marc Laporte wrote:
Very impressive Robert!

1- Resize bars are much easier to use
2- Text and background color changes are much smoother
3- Hideable columns and rows works well
4- Numbers now auto-increment on a fill down (and it's still copy-down for text)
5- Mergable cells work beautifully, both horizontal and vertical
6- Color picker UI is much better (but I still think there are too many colors)

I updated old ideas list from:

I just found one issue with fill down of formulae:

The # 1 feature request I can think of is: sorting like (important to keep the data on the
same line, but just sort by one or two columns)

What we have is from 2012-03-16:
Is it easy to upgrade in trunk?

Congrats Robert!

On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 2:54 PM, Robert Plummer
<> wrote:
Hey Guys,
We are trying to find bugs with the latest jQuery.sheet release, if you
don't mind checking it out here: and
letting me know if you find any bugs.  You will also notice that I just
switched hosting to github from google code.  This is because Google is
going to start preventing downloading for projects at the beginning of next
year, and I like git ;).

You will notice that overall things are WAY WAY WAY faster, much more solid,
tons for formula functions, and ways to configure.  It is also my please to
say that for the first time (seemingly) since it's inception the
documentation is up to date.  I can't wait to see it in Tiki!

Thanks again guys!

Robert Plummer

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