yesterday changi^Wthe packaging team released the first release candidate of Acubens! It is available for download at http://sourceforge.net/projects/tikiwiki/files/Tiki_8.x_Acubens/8.0RC1/
I tried the 7z package on IIS under Windows 7 (using MySQL 5.5 and Firefox) and didn't notice any regression.
We are not planning to have more release candidates. The next release planned is the stable Tiki 8.0... So if you didn't test Acubens yet, now is the time to do it!
Developers, please consider branch 8.x as extra frozen. If you want to commit a change other than a fix, please request a freeze exception.

tiki.org upgrades

Two secondary subdomains, code.tiki.org and mods.tiki.org, were upgraded to Acubens by changi^Wthe infrastructure team. This seemed to go well.

What's next

The upgrade of doc.tiki.org hasn't progressed as wished. In fact, it's still being tested. We need to upgrade more of tiki.org to Acubens before we release. I consider doc as required, and community as important.
A workaround was proposed for the main blocker to upgrade doc. However, I've seen 0 feedback on trunkdoc ( http://tiki.org/Pre-Dogfood+Server ) so far. If you tested it and found nothing new, please report anyway.

Annoying flying creatures radar

A couple of the regressions that were reported in the last update were fixed, but more reports came in: http://dev.tiki.org/Tiki8#Regressions

The following was added as a blocker:
The following non-blockers were added:
The other newly reported regressions are:
There are now 17 issues listed as regressions, 3 as blockers. Several of these regressions are waiting feedback from submitters. Some do not indicate who submitted.

Home Alone 8: Featured Profiles

We still have no featured profiles for Acubens. Is this a blocker?

Now, let's keep holding our flyswatters firmly and finish that extermination,
Philippe, on behalf of the Tiki 8 release coordination team

P.S. For those with more empathy for the living, just grab your keyboard instead of a flyswatter and push the bugs out, it gets the job done too