#699 can't save or change anything


When i try to save or preview an edit to the wiki i get
the error "no page indicated". Also When I try to save
a new edited article, the screen just flashes and
nothing is saved.
No changes to admin topics (under Articles) are saved.
I can't add new users. I can add new Groups, but not
new users. Also, i cannot edit the calendar. The
shoutbox and LiveSupport seem to be the only features
that are working completely.


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    I have the same problem. Installed the newest version from
    scratch, and as admin tried to edit the homepage. When I
    press the save button it says 'no page indicated'. When I do
    a view-source there is a input type name = HomePage so the
    name is included in the source of the FORM. I do not know
    how to fix this, suggestions?

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    sorry my email is hace_x@yahoo.com

    I have the same problem installed the software from scratch
    and the save button only says no page indicated.

    in view source there is input type value = HomePage so the
    value is in the form

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    Thank you.
    Please see how this can relate with
    Wiki: edit page permission problem

    If what you're saying is that you can't edit the calendar as
    an admin please look for a similar Bug report or open a new one.

    Presently most admins get many bugs but everyone can't just
    open a bug report and tell every problem that happens
    because we can't manage bugs efficiently this way.

    So please, separate this bug report in 4 more documented bug
    reports :
    1. Can't edit Wiki page if above bug report isn't the same.
    2. Article.
    3. Adding users.
    We've got this problem reported unofficially several times
    recently (the question has just been added to
    InstallTikiTroubleShootingDoc) If you can't find an official
    bug report please open a new one.
    4. Calendar.

    Once again please better document each of those bugs.

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    Please indicate version.
    nobody please indicate if you have only this part of the
    problem or all of it.

    • status: open-works-for-me --> closed-works-for-me
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    Obscure bug, closing due to lack of follow-up.

    • status: closed-works-for-me --> closed-out-of-date