#662 Image Gallery: Error processing zipped image package

Corey Thompson

Windows 2000, IIS5, PHP 4.3.4, Tiki 1.7.

When I try to upload a ZIP file of images, I receive the
Error processing zipped image package.

If I turn on PHP error displaying, I see these three errors
for each file:
Warning: filesize(): Stat failed for D:\TEMP/Image 8.jpg
(errno=2 - No such file or directory) in D:\Inetpub\cr-
tikiwiki-1.7\lib\imagegals\imagegallib.php on line 168

Warning: getimagesize(D:\TEMP/Image 8.jpg): failed to
open stream: No such file or directory in D:\Inetpub\cr-
tikiwiki-1.7\lib\imagegals\imagegallib.php on line 174

Warning: unlink(D:\TEMP/Image 8.jpg): No such file or
directory in D:\Inetpub\cr-tikiwiki-1.7
\lib\imagegals\imagegallib.php on line 349

I can succesfully upload both a single a single JPG, and
the ZIP as a batch upload to the file gallery.


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  • ben

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    same error message:"Error processing zipped image package."
    tiki1.7 on unix, client: safari on macoOSX.

  • John Donlan
    John Donlan

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    I was having a similar problem, running on Win2K with Apache
    rather than IIS but with the same error messages.
    I noted that the images from the zip file were not being
    extracted to the upload temp directory but from the error
    messages, it is clear that the zip file is being read correctly
    and the image files identified. I then looked at the code in
    imagegallib.php, especially around line 340 where the images
    are listed and extracted. I'm not a PHP expert but I used
    some print statements to debug/trace this area of the code.
    I seemed to me that the problem was the familiar one of the
    Windows reverse slash not being handled correctly. The net
    result is that the files aren't extracted to the temporary
    directory and everything fails from that point on.

    I did find a work around - this is NOT a code fix.

    By creating a "temp" directory at the web root I was able to
    define the temp directory as "temp" rather than "D:/temp" for
    I defined this in php.ini for:
    session.save_path = temp
    upload_tmp_dir = temp
    and in the tiki/administration/general/general settings
    Temporary directory: temp

    After creating the dorectory, making these three changes
    and restarting Apache, the zip file uploads worked correctly.
    No change was made to the standard imagegallib.php

    I hope this helps identify the problem and gives people an
    opportunity to continue uploading.

    • priority: 5 --> 4
    • summary: Image Gallery: Upload ZIP of Images --> Image Gallery: Error processing zipped image package
    • milestone: 324176 --> 337037
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    Thank you for this excellent bug report.
    I came across this bug report, tested it and got the same
    result. Since I'm on the bug output is slightly
    different :

    Warning: stat failed for /WikiPedia.png (errno=2 - No such
    file or directory) in d:\program
    files\easyphp\www\tiki\lib\imagegals\imagegallib.php on line 168

    Warning: getimagesize: Unable to open '/WikiPedia.png' for
    reading. in d:\program
    files\easyphp\www\tiki\lib\imagegals\imagegallib.php on line 174

    Warning: unlink() failed (No such file or directory) in
    files\easyphp\www\tiki\lib\imagegals\imagegallib.php on line 350

    I use Windows XP, Apache (EasyPHP 1.6 package).

    bnuz, could you confirm you have the same PHP error message
    than us, because maybe yu have another unrelated bug with
    only the same Tiki error message. This looks like a Windows

    I'm updating status to but it was originally 1.7.
    I reported this on ImageGalleryDev.

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    This is just a copy of a correspondence I had with bnuz. It
    just said he probably had a non-related bug.

    (bnuz :)

    well no i dont remember but idont think there was that many
    error lines...

    the thing that seemed to fix it was to activate GD i guess
    that's all i can tell you.

    more server info:
    php 4.2.2, mysql 3.23.52

    >URL of the bug is
    >Could you try to remember if yu had the same PHP error
    message, so we can confirm it's a Windows-only bug? That
    would simplify bug resolution.
    >>>Hi bnuz, I just read an old contribution to a bug report
    by you, and I'd like you to check something. If you haven't
    been noticed about it by email just ask me to send you the link.
    >>well, i'm a little ashamed not to have seen your message
    sooner but the fact is that i can't get myself to understand
    those bug reports, it's so messy!
    >>batck upload now works! certainly because of the GD fix
    we've made those last days.
    >>so no more trouble with my config:
    >>tiki 1.7
    >>server on linux
    >>client safari on macosx

  • Tapio Valli
    Tapio Valli

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    I tried the work around to no avail : I still get the same
    error. I am using Apache on Linux, client is Win2k/Firebird
    or IE. Exactly, what I have done :

    Admin/General page temp dir : temp
    php.ini :

    upload_tmp_dir = temp
    session.save_path = temp

    I have directories temp (with perms for webuser) in both
    /var/www/htdocs and /var/www/htdocs/tiki. After edits, I
    have always re-started Apache.

    I've also tried different combinations of tiki/temp,
    /var/www/htdocs/temp, /var/www/htdocs/tiki/temp in the above
    mentioned edits. No luck.

    Could someone please point out, what would be the exact
    format I should use in each of edited places, e.g should I
    use "temp", "tiki/temp", "/var/www/htdocs/temp" or what to
    make batch upload of images to work? I have tens-hundreds of
    photos and the manual alternative does really not work.

    Is there any way to diagnose/observe what's going wrong here?

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    (Version 1.7.2 with Apache/Linux)


    I have the same error like tapiov under Linux/Apache with
    Windows 98 clients.

    All changes according the tmp path did not work.

    Anyone else with this error ?

    • milestone: 337037 --> 337038
    • status: open --> open-accepted
    • status: open-accepted --> closed-accepted
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    Fixed, see cvs log :-)

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