#1676 Username with special chars. (such as "ń")

Xavier de Pedro

I've just created usernames for students in my class,
and the surname of some of them contains the letter "ń".

After uploading them, tiki substitutes the "ń" with a
question mark ("?"). And then, users cannot be
overwritten, nor individually deleted. And this user
cannot login, either... I'm using tiki 1.8.4.

(also posted a comment/question about this on:
http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=PermissionAdmin )


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    I fixed one bug in the message the user receives to confirm
    his registration in 1.8CVS. The link in the mail was not
    properly encoded.
    But I didn't find a trouble if the admin registers the user
    via admin /user.
    And I don't see ?

    So I don't know if the bug is closed. If you can check when
    you will have updated to the latest cvs

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    Hi Sylvie:
    Adding user manually works fine. Missbehaviour happens when
    you upload the user/s via "Batch upload (CSV)" feature. Try
    After upload, you should see the "?", and you may have
    problems to delete it (at least, I had them).

    About cvs code, I'm sorry, I don't really know how to get
    code with CVS, and I'm afraid of mixing things up. (I
    noramally work on win2k pc). For 1.9, it was easier because
    of link to pre-made every 6h tarball in

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    Did you check if you CSV file is correct, I mean is it in an
    utf8 charset?
    Tikiwiki is waiting for this format.
    If I copy your lines into an utf-8 format CSV, tiki is fine

    I don't know how to find the charset of the CSV file...
    - Multibyte support in php can do the job but not a lot of
    people have multibyte support. Do you have multibyte support?
    - Perhaps the user must give the encoding of his file
    - Perhaps and additional parameter in the csv can give this

    DOes sbdy know how to do?

  • Trial of UTF-8 CSV file for batch upload of users

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    OOps, I forgot to say that I was using iso-8859-1. Yes,
    personally I have multibyte support (using GPL'd UniRed
    soft. for windows). Officially, Windows Notepad can save as
    Unicode, Unicode BE and UTF-8, plus ANSI. I've included the
    file saved as UTF-8 through Windows2k notepad, which didn't
    work for me; tiki 1.8.4 reported: "Added 0, Rejected: 1. The
    username filed is required" (or something similar,
    trnaslated to English).

    I guess it would be easier for admin/user if the charset
    could be selected from the same
    "Admin>Users>Batch-CSV-upload" web form (a drop down box
    where you could select the encoding of the file). Many
    people (users) doesn't know much about encodings, and their
    ASCII editors (notepads or similar) don't support utf-8
    encoding, even if it seems that they should bo like MS
    Windows 2k Notepad (afaik).

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    If you have php multibyte support, the login is now
    converted into utf-8 if it is detected iso-8859-1
    fixed in 1.9 CVS