#1657 fist insert of "Admin>DSN" fails; 2nd, works fine.

Xavier de Pedro

It happened twice (in local and in server). Both: Tiki

To reproduce:
* Log in as admin.
* Go to "Admin>DSN"
* Enter a record: for instance,

Name: db_uniwiki2
dsn: mysql://user:password@localhost/ddbb

(in my case, "user" and "ddbb" had the same word)

After clicking on save, the field "dsn" from the bottom
list of registered dsn's shows "0", instead of

After editing this record (cliking on the edit icon on
the right of the table raw), and setting "dsn" as
"mysql://user:password@localhost/ddbb" again, then the
record is registered succesfully this second time.

By the way, great feature this one of SQL Plugin (and
great documentation on tw.o about it! :-)


  • Damian Parker
    Damian Parker

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    (Just a shame that its the biggest security hole ever)

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    OK, Damian, and others. I presume from your comment (as an
    important Tiki developer as you are) that users (=potential
    testers) are not expected to report tiny bugs like this. Am
    I right? (if I get no answer from anybody, I'll understand
    that this is what you all want, people from the Tiki-Devel.
    community). Ok then.

    Another tiny bug (not important at all, either, from my
    point of view), is the one I reported some days ago
    concerning the wrong diff version number in watch email (n.
    1025736), or the tiny bug 1021880, .... I guess then that
    this kind of reports shouldn't have been reported, isn't it?

    I thought that the way to proceed from the Tiki Devel group
    in front of a tiny bug was just to ignore, if you believe
    that it's not worth investing time to check/fix it. Which I
    find one of the best ways to cope with plenty of report
    BUGs, RFE's, Tiki-forums messages, and also avoiding the
    they take you too much time of from other important things
    in life that you may want to do. And also, time for
    discovering and fixing the really important security holes
    in Tiki (or wherever else).

    I don't your understand "as it is", Damian, specially after
    (links added for readers which doesn't know how I annoyed
    you some days ago):
    Also a "later" comment on tw.o wiki-page= ((damian.css))

    I appreciate Tiki, and the Tiki developpers such as you
    Damian, and the many others which contribute to it. But I
    would suggest you continue taking a minimum care as you
    normally do towards the simple testers which we do as much
    as we can from our knowledge, skills, time, and best
    intention (It would have been nicer without your "sarcastic"
    comment). If comment, BUG report or RFE is not important
    enough, just skip it (I suggest, of course).

    Cheers, thanks again to all tiki developers, and I wish the
    best for Tiki software (it's great! :-)

    Xavi (UserPagexavidp)

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    Whatever if the sql plugin is very dangerous or not
    (It is true that this plugin is dangerous, but it is there)
    Fixed in 1.9 pre RC4
    Thanks for noticing (Personnally, I appreciate you take time
    to fill a form)

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