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(Tiki 1.8rc3) In a forum set up to link to a mail list, when
I make a new reply at the web site, after a page refresh
the reply is duplicated, this time by "Anonymous" (it's
probably a POP check that causes the new post rather
than the refresh itself). The title for my reply in
"Anonymous"'s post is now the first line of the body of
the reply, and the new title of the "Anonymous" post is
the same as the thread title.

-- Gary




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    Hum...that's the old situation I used to experience back
    when I was using this on I thought Robin had worked
    that so I'll assign this to him in case he could comment.

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    The problem continues as of Feb 02 (lastiki_HEAD CVS
    snapshot) - an anonymous echo for every user post.

    Also, a related problem, emailed replies to a post don't have
    "Re:" appended to the post title; instead they have the original
    title, so threading gets messed up.

    Also, forum posts don't have the actual author indicated;
    instead they have the mailing list address in the "From:" field.
    Is it possible for the forum code to get the author's (user's)
    name for "From:" for emailed posts, as actual mailing lists do?


    pdc.cunningham-lee.com (20040202 lasttiki_HEAD install)

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