#1006 Login : Module should be default to anonymous

Clive Amos

Successfully installed a clean 1.8.
One minor glitch in tiki-install.php probably related only
to CVS.
Had to comment out

In Features - User Features:
Users can configure modules - not selected.
In Features - General Layout Options:
All selected.

The above may not be related to the problem.

In General - General Settings:
De-selected Display modules to all groups always.

Menu and Login columns disappeared. Could not get
them back so dropped DB, cleared cache and reinstalled.
Still could not get them back... forgot to delete
preferences.php. Unsuccessfully tried to find the switch
in preferences.php.
Retreated and reinstalled.
Before de-selecting Display modules to all groups always,
went into tiki-admin_modules.php through the menu, set
the 2 preloaded modules to Anonymous. Returned and
de-selected Display modules to all groups always.
Worked with no problems.

This is not a good thing to be faced with immediately on
installing Tiki. Suggest assigning the Menu and Login
modules by default to Anonymous. This can easily be
changed by the admin later if so desired.

On a separate issue but worth noting, in Features - User
Features - User Preferences Screen. This switch should
always be turned on for admin so admin can change user
passwords through the Users module.

Another glitch noted, somehow there were 2 admin user
accounts created in the DB. Not sure how that



    • summary: View Modules glitch --> Login : Module should be default to anonymous
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    Yes, this can be problematic indeed. By the way if that ever
    rehappens to you use tiki-login_scr.php.
    I'll report this on LoginDev.
    Thank you for the warning :S

  • Dennis Heltzel
    Dennis Heltzel

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  • Dennis Heltzel
    Dennis Heltzel

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  • Dennis Heltzel
    Dennis Heltzel

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    I'm punting on this.
    There is no way to prevent this. adding the groups as
    suggested is easy, but makes the modules disappear also. The
    only thing we can do is try to document this for new users
    so they don't do this.
    I'm leaving it open, in case another dev wants to work on it.

  • Dennis Heltzel
    Dennis Heltzel

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    Damn, I receive this question almost everyday :s
    I just set it accepted (the bug).

  • Clive Amos
    Clive Amos

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    This login module disappearing act is not so much a bug as a
    breakdown the order of procedural logic. It is caused by de-
    selecting Display modules to all groups always: in General
    which is naturally the 2nd page configured. The Module
    assignments need to be set first but they are somewhere
    much further down the order of configuration.

    If the login module is assigned to the Anonymous group and
    basic level permissions are also assigned to Anonymous in the
    Default Profile this difficulty should go away. For consistency
    an Anon level should be created that has all the p_view
    permissions set. This would have the added benefit of new
    users not getting the permission denied error when Tiki is first

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    done for 1.8 final:
    login and app menu modules now assigned to anonymous and

  • Dennis Heltzel
    Dennis Heltzel

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    • status: open-accepted --> closed-fixed