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TikiPro CLYDE Alpha 3 released!!!

TikiPro 3.0 -CLYDE- has released it's third alpha. The build has made massive improvements in stability, as well as a thorough overhaul of the installer (kudos xing!). The Users and Wiki packages has seen significant improvements and fixes so all features should now work.

Hopefully no more schema changes are expected for CLYDE. At this point, the team is focused exclusively on stability and fixing the features we already have. More TikiWiki packages will be brought up to clyde standards for Beta 1. Articles and an image gallery (FishEye? Gallery2 embed? both?) are the big contenders at the moment. Speak up if you have any preferences!

We need help getting upgrade technology (from TikiWiki as well as from past and future versions of TikiPro) implemented and tested. Hopefully something more advanced that SQL + php file combo's. If you are interested, drop by IRC, our homepage forums or mailing lists!

Posted by Christian Fowler 2004-12-03