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#1 Some nice improvments on TikiPro-PhpBB

Jared Woodbridge

it seems the only way TikiPro users are connected to
the PhpBB user system is that if you are a TikiPro user,
you are also a PhpBB user and same thing with admins,
but there is no further intergration.

i think it would be great if as an option, the user stuff
could be taken a little further, with some features such
as your TikiPro avatar being displayed on your posts.

and it would be nice if i could get to the PhpBB user
config page so i can change stuff like signatures, etc.

anyway these are just some suggestions for the next
releases for clyde so it would be great if you could take
these ideas onboard.

btw, yes i know about the loose intergreation stuff, but
if this stuff is an option, and not turned on by default, it
could work. (im guessing there ;-)