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#110 via option is missing from vncviewer 1.2

Adam Tkac
Georgi Georgiev

The very useful "via" option seems to be gone in vncviewer 1.2 (it was there in 1.1).

I found bug 3429667, and it recommended creating a new bug to track the "via" option, so here it is.

The "via" option is an extremely useful feature on Linux machines so I would be very happy if it can be added back.


  • armin76

    It has to be noted that the manpage of vncviewer still references it. And I agree that this is a really useful feature...please bring it back.

  • Appreciated if anybody from developers can comment on this issue. Is it likely for it to be included again?

  • Peter Åstrand
    Peter Åstrand

    I'm positive. It's a useful feature and not too complex. Someone just needs to create a patch...

  • Alex Wajda
    Alex Wajda

    Please, please please!!! Add "-via" option!

    I really hope it was just a unfortunate mistake and "-via" will be back in the upcoming maintenance release.
    Otherwise I would never understand the reason why it was removed.

    It is the way how the software is developed these days? Removing awesome features - is this is the trend?
    2 days ago I upgraded my Fedora to 18 and got shocked by the "improvements" they made. I had to spend 2 hours in the internet to only get back my keyboard layout switch shortcuts. Now I had to downgrade to TigerVNC 1.1 only because "-via" option.

  • Adam Tkac
    Adam Tkac

    • assigned_to: ossman_ --> atkac
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Adam Tkac
    Adam Tkac

    Fixed in trunk, r5032