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TifaMMy Release 2.1.0

TifaMMy Release 2.1.0:

LU Decomposition using OpenMP 3.0 task concept

Posted by Alexander Heinecke 2009-01-17

TifaMMy: Version 2.0.0

TifaMMy isn't the fastest Matrix Multiplication yet! A library for cache oblivious matrix operations using the space filling Peano curve. Aim is for BLAS / LAPACK functionality (but with an intuitive C++ API).

Verison 2.0.0 of TifaMMy

Posted by Alexander Heinecke 2008-10-27

TifaMMy Release 1.3.2

inline and __forceinline and PeanoForceInline deactivated in framework

Posted by Alexander Heinecke 2007-12-29

TifaMMy Release 1.3.1

- benchmark tool uses TifaMMy Multiplication API Function

Posted by Alexander Heinecke 2007-12-29

TifaMMy Release 1.3.0

New features:
- parallel version of framework
- partial pivot available in LU Decomposition

Posted by Alexander Heinecke 2007-12-04

TifaMMy supports SVN

CVS ist closed, please use SVN. Project is ported!

Version 1.2.1 is availabel

Posted by Alexander Heinecke 2007-06-05

TifaMMy Release 1.2.0

Posted by Alexander Heinecke 2007-05-09

TifaMMy Release 1.0.0

After the files where already in the CVS for a few days, they got the tag VERSION_1_0_0.

This version was bundled to a package that can also be obtained via the "Files" section.

Posted by Christian Mayer 2006-01-04