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Tidyview: 1.14 Release now available

Tidyview is a Perl/Tk application to preview the effect of perltidy options on your source code. Perltidy is extremely flexible, but the flip-side of this is that is can be difficult to check the effect of options in combination - using Tidyview can help.

Minor testing cleanup, one minor warning fixed

Posted by Leif Eriksen 2008-06-23

Tidyview 1.13 release available

Now uses Tk::DiffText from Michael Carman, a dedicated colourised diff module now on CPAN.

Posted by Leif Eriksen 2006-12-22

Tidyview 1.12 release available

Merged in improved diff colourisation from Michael Carman.

Posted by Leif Eriksen 2006-11-08

Tidyview-1.11 release available

Added support for coloured diff's, to help preivew the exact nature of the formatting changes made by perltidy.
Added support for Perl::Signature, to detect semantic changes for the current set of perltidy options. It is expected this is an extremely rare occurance.
Fixed buf if user cancelled a file selection dialogue.

Posted by Leif Eriksen 2006-11-07

Tidyview 1.10 release available

Changes as a result of feedback from the PerlQA list.

Posted by Leif Eriksen 2006-10-18

Tidyview 1.09 release available

Minor tweaks done in preparing for CPAN upload.

Posted by Leif Eriksen 2006-10-16

tidyview-1.06 release available

Important fix for windows users, because they have case-insensitive file systems.
Important fix for broken parsing of existing perltidy config files.

Posted by Leif Eriksen 2006-10-12

Tidyview 1.04 release available

1.04 - support for --no_XXX options
- lock scrollbar and text panes together, but make text panes same length

Posted by Leif Eriksen 2006-09-11

Tidyview 1.03 release available

1.03 - fixed bug where checkbox's didnt refresh properly after loading new config.
- remember values of options not supported in GUI, so we write them out again on save.
- lock text panes to central scrollbar, so code remains side-by-side.
- disable text in text panes - this is not an editor.
- remember what section we are in when we load a new config, and redraw with this section active.

Posted by Leif Eriksen 2006-08-11

Tidyview 1.02 release available

Fixes type in project email.
Additional notes in README.

Posted by Leif Eriksen 2006-08-05

Tidyview 1.01 release available

Early release seeking comments, problems and suggestions.

Posted by Leif Eriksen 2006-08-05