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#345 Support a way to not drop "empty" <span>s

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Wayne Erfling

We have a process that builds up a display document in stages, and at some points there may be "empty" <span> tags, though the "empty" tags are NOT empty of attributes, e.g. <SPAN style="LINE-HEIGHT: 1em; DISPLAY: block; FONT-FAMILY: Georgia; COLOR: #ffffff; FONT-SIZE: 18px; OVERFLOW: hidden; CURSOR: default; FONT-WEIGHT: bold"></SPAN>

Associated with this, when our document is loaded into the XML DOM, the absence of the <span> tag causes a programming step to fail.

Please add something like one of the following:
1) option to not "trim" empty tags (in general)
2) option to not consider tags with attributes "empty"
3) option to not drop "empty" <span> tags in particular

It's not clear to me how many other "emtpy" tags might be dropped by Tidy.exe and eventually pose issues for us as well.