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Application 2011-05-04 ydong10 ydong10 [267996] Add data type convert action to avoid warning.
AtapiPassThruDxe 2011-07-06 niruiyu niruiyu [68f382] Fix the comments to follow UEFI Spec regarding ...
Bus 2013-10-29 Ashley DeSimone Ashley DeSimone [b53a26] OptionRomPkg: Added bus driver for FTDI USB to ...
CirrusLogic5430Dxe 2014-07-23 Sergey Isakov Sergey Isakov [493db5] Fix wrong usage sizeof(SIZE).
Include 2011-06-07 hhtian hhtian [90cb1d] update copyright line format
Library 2015-02-23 Laszlo Ersek Laszlo Ersek [379d95] OptionRomPkg: FrameBufferBltLib: drop set but n...
UndiRuntimeDxe 2015-04-30 Ye Ting Ye Ting [5ced23] Add IPV6 support from UNDI
Contributions.txt 2015-02-03 Jordan Justen Jordan Justen [1d3e17] */Contributions.txt: Update example email address
License.txt 2012-05-22 lpleahy lpleahy [afa7ff] Merge with trunk at revision 13213.
OptionRomPkg.dec 2011-05-09 mdkinney mdkinney [b3b98e] Clean up DEC files:
OptionRomPkg.dsc 2013-11-01 Ashley DeSimone Ashley DeSimone [597f7b] OptionRomPkg: Corrected path for the FtdiUsbSer...
ReadMe.txt 2007-12-21 qhuang8 qhuang8 [ce92dd] Add preparation for FAR release.

Read Me

  For now, AtapiPassThru driver in this package is to test Scsi Bus support:
  ScsiBus driver should support both/either ScsiPassThru and ExtScsiPassThru
  installed on a controller handle.
  AtapiPassThru driver in this package can selectively produce ScsiPassThru
  and/or ExtScsiPassThru protocol based on feature flags of PcdSupportScsiPassThru
  and PcdSupportExtScsiPassThru.

  Sample implementation of UGA Draw or Graphics Output Protocol for the Cirrus
  Logic 5430 family of PCI video card. It provides reference code for the GOP/UGA,
  Component Name (2), EFI driver supported Verison protocol.

Build Validation:
ICC             IA32 X64 IPF
CYGWINGCC       IA32 X64