Feature Requests and Thanks

Jim Murphy
  • Jim Murphy
    Jim Murphy

    Great program!  Beats others out there for speed and handling.

    Couple of requests:

    1. I think this one was mentioned before - the program starts at maximum window size, despite my efforts to get it to   remember it's previous window size and position in Windows 7.

    2. The program "locks" the original video file being thumbnailed in Windows 7.  That is, if I try to move the video file and thumbnail to another folder (after thumbnailing and with Thumbnail me still open), it moves the thumbnail, but copies the video file and leaves the original video file in the original folder and won't let me delete it unless I use a third-party program (Unlock it) to "unlock it.

    Thanks again for your great work.

  • Kwent

    Hi computer-doc,

    1. It would be great that Thumbnail me Remember previous Windows Size. Maybe it will be available in the next release…
    2. Don't know why :(