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developer's mailing list in place

This list is for project developers only. It's not publicly accessible.

To post to this list, send mail to

Check Sourceforge for instructions. All project discussion will be done through this list from today onwards.

The web address is and it will be available in the next 24 hours. The group is for developers only.... read more

Posted by Nathalie Forster 2004-05-12

Initial website for Thula The Myth

The initial layout and specifications for the supporting website for Thula The Myth has been uploaded to the server which is now viewable online. It is advisable that contributors, both existing and prospective, also make themselves familiar with the website layout and current content. The website is linked to this project page via a "This project is hosted at SourceForge" link on each webpage on the site. The gaming section (via the Gaming button) will link to the Game via a secure connection on Go Online! link (no working yet). The website has no graphics yet and will be expanded upon over the summer!

Posted by Nathalie Forster 2004-04-13