A few of issues in SE necessitated regenerating the JSR 310 RI and TCK
(the same as the SE 8 RI and TCK).

The JSR 310 Final Release Specification is unchanged.

The RI binary is available from: https://jdk8.java.net/java-se-8-ri/

The updated TCK binaries are in the same directories on java-partner.sun.com.

An update to the code coverage [1] includes with more detail about individual
packages and classes.  The 93%, I reported is for the java.time package but
the overall coverage number is lower (80%).

The code/spec coverage can and should be improved over time.

The submission to the PMO will be put off until next week to give it a bit of time to settle
and final documentation be produced.

fyi, Roger

[1] http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~rriggs/jsr310-jcov.zip