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thosp mission

In general hospital,patient can be divide two type,Out-patient and In-patients.In-patients is a man who must to living in hospital.Hospital Information System(HIS) is a system for management of hospital information.HIS is a set of interrelated components that collect process,store and distribute information.HIS has three requirements(Operation,Planning,Documentation).
thosp is groupware web application of in-patients in hospital which support mainly medical operation document(medical record,nursing document,laboratory result,medical finance,etc).thosp is a part of HIS which support all three requirement.It make meeting to facilitate planning,organizing,evaluating idea,establishing priority and document proceedings.
thosp Include the following:
-aid medical staff in premeeting planning about medical treatement
-allow individuals to contribute idea about his/her job
-gather information before and during the process of treatment
-provide the reference doucument such as medical treatment manuals etc.
-provide structured support for developing agreement on the wording of policy statement

Posted by linecent 2005-09-30