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The XXX Software / News: Recent posts

The XXX Software: Beta 1.0.2 Released

The script is a project to build the first free fully-featured, completely customizable TGP/MGP/Toplist script. Features include user accounts, gallery, banner and link submissions, Admin Control Panel, integrated Google AdSense, ICRA Labels and more.

Version 1.0.2 has now been released. This release fixes many bugs within the Admin Control Panel and adds several new features. IMPORTANT: This is only a beta version and should not be implemented on a full scale site. We plan to have the full working version released sometime in mid July...should be version 2.0.0

Posted by locateSTYLE 2008-07-01

Beta Version 1.0.1 Now Released

The beta version 1.0.1 of The XXX Software has been released. This version includes a read me file to help with the install and a change log.IMPORTANT: This is only a beta testing version and should not be used on a full scale website.

Posted by locateSTYLE 2008-06-26

Beta Version 1.0.1 Release

Beta Version 1.0.01 will be released within the next few days. This version will clean up and optimize the code, allow more functions and control through the Admin Control Panel and fix a few bugs that were found. A change log will be release with this version. IMPORTANT: This is still in the beta testing phase and SHOULD NOT be used on a full scale website.

Posted by locateSTYLE 2008-06-25

First Release in T- 1 Hour

So about the long wait for the first release. We ran into a few problems and lost...yeah lost...the code and database so we had to start from the beginning. We are making a package for it now and should be up in less than an hour. This is the beta and VERY basic version. There will be MANY updates and features added so make sure you check out the latest releases regularly.

Posted by locateSTYLE 2008-06-24

First Release Coming Soon

The first release for The XXX Software Version 1.0.0 has been scheduled on May 5th, 2008!

Posted by locateSTYLE 2008-04-29