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moving out of sourceforge

sf provides really great project services but we decided to move stuff away of it. you can find us at big thanks to sf for hosting this site all the time

Posted by ao 2001-10-09

we're on

check dis out guys, sam added the skin to the game list at :)

Posted by ao 2001-07-31

code rewrite

started rewriting everything we have...also be sure to checkout new cvs tree (theskin/ is dead, use theskin-devel/ now)

Posted by ao 2001-05-22

game-engine started!

we have just started coding a game engine. we will need a lot of help (coding, ideas, support).

Posted by ao 2001-05-05

All members READ THIS

Can you guys click on a nice "Monitor Forum" link to monitor forums so you can get replies by mail? I know it's not very hard to forget to check the forum, so it will help you get posts immediatly

Posted by ao 2001-04-26

Moved to sourceforge

This project was just moved to sourceforge. It's still in the very begining of the development and help is needed. If you want to join, you're always welcome. Thank you.

Posted by ao 2001-04-16