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The Merchant / News: Recent posts

The Merchant 2.2 has been released

The Merchant 2.2 has been released.

Posted by WolfShine 2006-07-05

The Merchant Beta 1.0.0 Released

The long awaited first beta version of The Merchant has now been released; it contains many bug fixes, cheat fixes and new features.

One of the main new features of this version is the inclusion of game zones; these are different arenas so to speak. People can only join one of these zones at a time, each zone is completely independent of the other, each zone has its own economy, universe and players.... read more

Posted by Shaun Steenkamp 2005-11-12

The Merchant Alpha 0.4 Released

The much anticipated version (Alpha 0.4) has finally been released!
There are a lot of gameplay changes in this version; you will have to play it to believe the difference from Alpha 0.3.

All that remains to be finished is Alliances and then this game can be bumped up to Beta, where resets will be more frequent because changes will no longer be huge new features, but finding any bugs and removing them. Once that is done we can make more features for everyone.... read more

Posted by Shaun Steenkamp 2005-10-26

The Merchant Alpha 0.3 Released

The Merchant Alpha 0.3 has been released and is now available for download!

In this version, players have newbie turns.
Newbie turns are there to help people new to the game, while you still have newbie turns, you cannot be attacked, and you cannot attack other people.

This version also has internal messaging.
This allows people to send messages to other players asking for help, or just simply chatting.... read more

Posted by Shaun Steenkamp 2005-10-22

The Merchant Alpha 0.2 Released

The Merchant Alpha 0.2 has now been releaed.
This version addresses many bugs and has an interface change.

There is also now a fully functional event processor which will now update your turns and the ports.

Please consult the release notes for more information.

The download is now available.

Posted by Shaun Steenkamp 2005-10-18

The game server is up

The game was launched yesturday, but now it has had some changes made to it.

The game now has an event processor, which means that your turns are being renewed!
This is happening every 30 mins and at an extraordinary pace of 500 turns per tick!
Also, your turns will now decrease, as everyone is using the same ship, this will occur at 1 turn per move.
The ports are also being updated. This is done by reshuffling the goods altogether, so it could happen that you buy something from a port, but later it will only allow you to sell that good to it (It is buying from you!).... read more

Posted by Shaun Steenkamp 2005-10-17

New Website Up

The new CMS website for The Merchant is now up and running, click on Home Page in the project navigation and go over to have a look!

Posted by Shaun Steenkamp 2005-10-16

The Merchant Alpha 0.1 Released

The first official release of The Merchant since it was restarted is finally available for download!

This version was completely recoded from the ground-up and sports many features that will make every follower of this project very excited.

The game has been in the works for more than a month now and is now at a stage where it is able to be released as an alpha version ready for everyone to check for bugs and contribute their ideas.
It is truly a great step in the right direction for the project and shows that now that is has been restarted, we mean business!... read more

Posted by Shaun Steenkamp 2005-10-15