The Mana World 0.0.27 released

It's already been more than three months since our last release, but I'm happy to say quite a bit has happened in this time. Not the least of which is our switch from Subversion to git, which will increasingly allow us to work more efficiently and more easily merge changes between branches. The Aethyra fork followed us in this switch, which has made it easier to share improvements.

We've also set up new Game Masters and are in the process of formalizing the guidelines along which they work. For a long time, Platyna was the only one caring to do this job. The Game Masters are there in the interest of the community, and their actions are made public.

With this release we made the client even more dynamic. Hair styles and colors, skill names and status effects can now be passed via updates. Several improvements have also been made to the GUI, with resizable NPC dialogs (a change imported from Aethyra), minimap centering, equipment allowed in the shortcut bar, available slots in inventory shown, mouse cursor that hides when not used, etc. All in all, quite worth the upgrade!

Posted by Thorbjørn Lindeijer 2008-12-09